Marketing Intern


Job Type

4 months internship

About the Role

This internship is a semester-long opportunity. Interns are welcome to do this internship for credit, and we are more than happy to be of any assistance in making that possible. However, should the opportunity of doing an internship for credit become limited, this internship operates as unpaid. Moreover, please note that we are working 100% remotely. Therefore, we will be using Zoom for conference calls and regular meetings. Interns must have an electronic device that allows them to comfortably access the internet and perform the multiple tasks mentioned above. A laptop, for example, with reliable access to the internet is highly recommended.

While we prefer to work with multilingual staff, don't hesitate to apply if that doesn't describe you. We highly consider those who have extensive interest and experience in Education. You do not have to be an expert to apply, but you must be passionate about what you’d like to learn, are eager to learn new skills, and open to new ideas.

One of the Marketing Department Co-leaders: Marwa Ibrahim or Jeanvier Soungwah, will be in touch with you soon should you qualify for the interview process. Please allow three to five business days for the review process.


Expectations and requirements:

  • Passionate about providing access to education

  • Creative and unafraid of new ideas

  • Flexible with social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

  • Attend all weekly meetings with department heads (each department sets its own meetings with its interns)

  • Punctual and attentive to meeting tasks and deadlines (set up with department heads)

  • An initiator, and exhibit a passion for the work on hand

  • Nobody knows everything, so reach out to seek help, and be helpful for others in the team

  • We are student-centered. We seek to provide the best service to help students reach their maximum potential, and we value this environment within our own team as well

  • We value reflection opportunities in the work we do. We ask that interns do the same, and take advantage of the times designated to doing so with the team

As a Marketing Intern at at Scholar Pathways, you should expect the following from this position:


  • You will be working on developing content for marketing campaigns to be distributed around the world

  • You will virtually be present at some of our consulting sessions with students and families to personally familiarize yourself with the core of our work - educational consulting services

  • Along with your team, you will be conducting comparative research throughout your work at Scholar Pathways, exchanging ideas, building research tools, and reflecting on the various types marketing campaigns SP should utilize

  • You will play a crucial part in buildings and executing marketing strategies under direct supervision of the designated department lead

  • You will be working directly with a supervisor in the respective department you are part of

  • You will be working within the Marketing department

About the Company

Scholar Pathways is a Limited Liability Company that assists learners from across the globe with international placements using a multilingual and personalized approach. By combining the expertise of academic advisors with the power of state-of-the-art educational technology, Scholar Pathways utilizes targeted research to match students with potential placements to ensure a smooth application process.