Here we are answering the most asked questions.

How do you help students at Scholar Pathways?

We help students identify educational programs that best fit their needs. Whether that is finding the right high school abroad, a great pre-college program, identifying and applying to colleges and universities around the world whether that is for undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies. We also help those interested in learning a specific language find and apply to the best Language Learning programs, and in the countries of their choice.

How long does the process take until I submit my application to schools/programs?

6 weeks at best. This time includes holding periodic (virtual) meetings with the student and/or their family in order to finish filling out all the application materials, including the written requirements.

How many schools can I apply to?

As the saying goes “do not put all your eggs in one basket”, we would like for our students to have options. In each of the 4 countries your list on our application form, we allow two schools. so, we will help you apply to a total number of 8 schools in 4 different countries.

How many countries can you help me look for schools in?


How do I communicate with you?

You could either reach us through the contact us page or by filling out our application

Are there any standardized tests that I need to know about before I apply?

It depends on what programs you are pursuing. For example, if you are applying to colleges and universities that use English as their official language, you most likely will need to take the TOEFL test prior to applying. Other standardized tests might be required depending on the school, for example, SAT and ACT for undergraduate levels, GRE for graduate level, MCAT, DCAT, and others for specialized medical fields such as Medical studies, Dental studies, Pharmaceutical studies…etc. if you are applying for pre-college programs, language learning programs, or high school programs, you might not need any standardized tests’ scores

What is the difference between Scholar Pathways’ fees, and the fees that high schools and Universities ask for upon submitting the complete application?

Our fees cover the work we do with you, versus the fees that schools and universities ask for are only for submitting your complete application to them. Please keep in mind that our fees are separate from schools’ fees. We will explain this further with you during the free one-hour session

How much do schools’ applications cost?

Each school has its own fee for its application. Please keep in mind that schools’ applications are separate from our fees. You will be paying the schools directly and not us. Some schools waive their application fees, so it becomes free. But don’t worry, we will help you figure all this out once we start working on your file

How much do you charge for your service?

How much we charge is determined case by case. The earlier we start working on your application, the less we charge you. This is because we will have time to do thorough research for you while spacing out our working sessions with you to comfortably fit your schedule and ours. And likewise, the closer a school’s deadline for their application is, the higher our fees become.

How can I track my application status with you?

You can track the progress of your file on your SP profile. To do this, you will need to sign up for an SP profile using your email address and a password you create.

Why should I sign up for a profile?

This profile page will provide you with your own unique ID number, so you can track your application there as we work on it. It will also include a priority contact number that you can reach us at should you need any immediate assistance with regard to your application materials. Additionally, it is through your SP profile where you will be able to make secure payment transactions.

How do I make any payments?

On your SP profile, you will be able to make your payment using your credit card, or western union services.

Can you help me sign up, and pay for standardized tests?

Yes, we can. However, we charge an extra small fee for doing that on your behalf. We advise our students to sign up for tests on their own and pay directly in order to avoid paying extra charges. Our advisors can help you navigate your way through signing up for tests for free

Do you help me with obtaining any visa entry?

Unfortunately, we cannot help with obtaining visa entries. After you are accepted to a school or a program, they will send you an acceptance letter and another letter for the embassy to prove you have been accepted at their institution. You will take your acceptance letter along with other required documents and apply for visa entry to the country of your destination. The embassy is the only one that makes this decision and nobody else can issue the visa entry other than them

We are always here to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have.